Khamis, 22 Mac 2012

Help Sri Lanka's Muslim!: Jufitri Joha

We the undersigned write to you to ask for your kind consideration and support for a resolution against Sri Lanka at the 19th session of the United Nation Human Rights Council (UNHRC). We understand the United States Government is to sponsor a resolution at this session on Sri Lanka. It is critical and essential that Malaysia support this resolution or at the least abstain from voting. ABIM indeed is aware of your close ties with the Sri Lanka however the Malaysian Government cannot continue to ignore credible allegations of violations of human rights and humanitarian laws at the last stages of the conflict in the country. Malaysia can also not ignore continuing human rights violations that occur in Sri Lanka against minorities especially involving Tamils and Muslims. Violations such as killings, abductions, disappearances repeatedly occur in the country.

In the light of the allegations against Sri Lanka against tens of thousands of Tamils in the last stages of the war in 2009 and because of continuing serious human rights violations by the Government against Tamils and Muslims we urge you to on this occasion refrain from supporting the Sri Lankan Government. The Government of Sri Lanka is doing little to help Muslims resettle in the north of the country. Muslims in the east are facing a lot of land grabbing from other communities and government actors. Last year a Muslim activist, who was abducted in 2010, was found dead. The bodyguard of a government minister was arrested by police for this killing but he was released on bail and there has been no justice for this killing.

In previous statements you have said that Sri Lanka is a sovereign state that does not require international intervention. We wish to draw to your attention to the fact that nearly three years since the end of the war the critical problems in Sri Lanka remain. The government’s domestic commission set up to look at this issue failed to address allegations of violations of human rights and humanitarian laws at the last stages of the war. While several international organisations and a UN Panel of experts appointed by the UN Secretary General point to these allegation and say they must be investigated.

As a progressive Muslim country with a significant Tamil population, Malaysia from our humble request, should show concern and has a responsibility to stand up for the Tamils and Muslims of Sri Lanka. Therefore we call on you to either support the US resolution at the UNHRC if not abstain from voting. All your cooperation is highly appreciated.


Vice President (International Affairs)

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